The market report: Sprouting broccoli

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Nothing gets chef Joel Miller more excited than when the purple stalks of sprouting broccoli begin to appear at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market. Unlike the typical green crowns you find year-round, these cold temperature brassicas are only available through early spring and are in season now. At The Wallace in Culver City, Miller serves his “meta-broccoli” steamed and char-grilled with oyster-ginger sauce, pickled ginger, fresno chiles and cucumbers. Order up! Miller likes to buy heirloom brassicas from Weiser Family Farms, where Alex Weiser plants his sprouting broccoli every fall. He harvests the smaller, center heads to allow the side shoots to flourish following a period of vernalization. The short days and cold Tehachapi winters concentrate the flavors of Weiser's hearty winter vegetables, turning their tips lovely shades of vibrant purple.

Music: "Going Home" and "Broccoli" by Big Baby D.R.A.M. featuring Lil Yachty (Instrumental)