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Laura Avery finds a carrot expert from a major Dutch seed company.  He tells us what color carrots were when they originated and exactly what it takes to be an expert on carrots.


She also talks to David West, who brings wild mushrooms to the market from all over California. There is a large crop of Porcini mushrooms that have all ripened at the same time.  Ranging from golf-ball sized to those as large as your fist, fresh Porcinis are great when shaved lightly into a salad or mixed baby greens and dressed with olive oil and salt. They can also be grilled.  Remove the stem from the cap and grill the cap upside down; then, slice the stem in half and place it on the grill as well.  Porcinis are also delicious chopped and sauteed with butter and white wine, or used with pasta water to make a sauce for pasta.

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