Traveling to Vietnam; Woolly Pockets; Taco Trucks in Orange County

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For food lovers, a trip to Vietnam is the apex of culinary travel. This week on Good Food, author Kim Fay takes us on a journey to Vietnam.  Jonathan Gold satisfies the ramen freaks with this new spot in Studio City.  Gustavo Arellano argues that two taco trucks are sometimes better than one.  Want to grow food on a wall?  Try a woolly pocket, says Miguel NelsonAndrea Cavaliere of Cecconi's is trying to change how our kids eat.  He has help from Michelle Obama.  Jennifer Evans Gardener's cooking camp for kids showcases their love for pie.  Christine Schwartz Hartley reveals the recipes of celebrities and socialites from a bygone era.  Plus Kevin Sinnott teaches us how to make the perfect cup of coffee.  And Chef DJ Olsen finds perfection in a medly of summer vegetables.

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