Vermouth; Quark; How to Be a Successful Restaurateur

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Ever dreamed of owning a restaurant? Two pros - Joe Bastianich and Piero Selveggio - explain what it takes to keep a restaurant relevant in a notoriously tumultuous industry. Gardening guru Willi Galloway tells us how to make the most of your edible garden by harvesting "extra edibles" like garlic scapes and radish leaves, and Martin Doudoroff celebrates every type of Vermouth from the splash in your martini to an entire glass on the rocks. Los Angeles Times Test Kitchen Manager Noelle Carter details how to make quark - a cream cheese-like fresh cheese - and what to do with it once you've made it. Filmmaker Eddie Schmidt chronicles the lives of the men and women who drive ice cream trucks and Jonathan Gold gushes over rum and ribs at Roy Choi's new Venice Beach eatery, Sunny Spot.

Banner image: The bar at Valentino. Photo by Ryan Forbes

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