What’s for lunch? A new play looks at the Cheetos-versus-kale conundrum

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This blog post first appeared on the Which Way, LA? Blog. It was written by KCRW’s Lisa Napoli.

Hunger Cycle, a series of nine plays to be commissioned and produced by Cornerstone Theater over six years—all in the service of shining a spotlight on some of the great food issues of our day: Hunger, and food equality.

Now, the latest installment is up, performed on the campus of schools that houses the Cocoanut Grove Theater (you know, where the Ambassador Hotel used to be.)

This show is about a challenge we all face: How to eat a healthy lunch in our busy age.  Of course, this question is magnified for teenagers in an age of skyrocketing obesity. In Lunch Lady Courage, a brave lunch lady at a high school deigns to combat the “donut culture” of high school with healthy snacks.

Here’s a preview with the plucky cast of teens: