Where Jonathan Gold Likes to Eat Breakfast in Los Angeles

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Cornbread French Toast from Marston’s in Pasadena

This week Jonathan Gold discusses his favorite breakfast haunts in LA. Lately he’s been enjoying Taiwanese breakfast at Huge Tree in Monterey Park, where he likes the sweet soy milk with you tiao (aka twisted Chinese crullers), savory soy milk served with a dash of vinegar and a mound of “pork floss,” or the sesame pastries such as their “burned rolls.” Yung Ho and Four Seas are also breakfast-all-day Taiwanese restaurants. For Mexican breakfast he likes the chilaquiles at La Casita Mexicana. For a good ol’ American breakfast he prefers Marston’s in Pasadena for waffles, French toast breaded in cornflakes, blueberry pancakes with buckwheat, and macadamia nut pancakes. He also likes the sourdough pancakes at the Original Pancake House.