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Laura Avery talks to Tony Peltier of Ladybugs Forever about natural pest control.  Worm casings are rich in nutrients and work as a natural repellent to white fly, aphids and other pests.  Tony also reveals the secret of killer snails -- these seashell or corkscrew shaped snails eat the eggs of the vegetarian snails that take over gardens and plants.  It’s economical, too -- $15 will get enough snails for 200 square feet of garden space.

It’s also asparagus season!  Asparagus are in their prime now -- grown in Stockton with bright green and fresh stalks.  Peeling the stalks is not necessary, the lowest inch is simply snapped off.   To keep asparagus fresh, store them out of a plastic bag in a small amount of water at their stems.  Fresh asparagus can last up to two weeks in the fridge.

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