World Cup Eats; Anthony Bourdain; Halal Thai Food

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For years Anthony Bourdain considered himself an outsider.  Things have changed for this writer and TV personality.  This week on Good Food, host Evan Kleiman talks with the culinary globetrotter about quitting smoking, a new respect for Paris and much more.  World Cup fever has reached a fever pitch - or maybe it's just the vuvuzuela.  Eddie Lin takes to the streets of LA in search of what World Cup fans are eating.  For people traveling to South Africa, Melissa Mandim is from Johannesburg and she's got some restaurant recommendations.  Matias Viegener explores the connection between food and art.  We'll eat halal Thai food with Jonathan Gold.  Director Michael Hoffman shares the details behind the Russian tea service as seen in the film The Last Station.  Plus, Barry Estabrook connects the dots between Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan and agriculture giant Monsanto.  And rock musician Steve Cooper is using his skills in the kitchen to raise money for his upcoming tour. 

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