A new moment in #TimesUp: When is it OK to come back?

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Jessica Chastain, one of the leaders of the #TimesUp movement, recently announced she'd be doing a movie with Australian director Matthew Newton, who had been accused of assault by multiple women in years prior. The backlash to the hiring of Newton was so strong, the director left the movie. In the TV world, HBO has begun promoting season 2 of the David Simon series 'The Deuce,' but one person who's not doing press is star James Franco, who was accused of sexual misconduct earlier this year. And Matthew Weiner's new show 'The Romanoffs' is coming to Amazon later this fall--that was a series that had already begun when allegations came out about the 'Mad Men' creator. These projects that had already started before #MeToo erupted last year puts the studios involved in a tough spot--one that no one is quite sure how to navigate yet. 



Kaitlin Parker