At Cannes, Some Strong Performances, but No Breakout Film

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The Hollywood Reporter's Matthew Belloni went to Cannes, but he returns with no tales of break-out films. It seems unlikely that a 2016 Oscar winner will emerge from this year's festival. Cate Blanchett did receive some attention for her strong performance in the lesbian drama Carol, as did Emily Blunt in the movie Sisario, where she plays an FBI agent. Netflix's head Ted Sarandos did not receive praise, however, during his keynote address. A French reporter heckled him and asked whether he realized that the Netflix model would "destroy the film eco-system in Europe." Harvey Weinstein immediately came to Sarandos' defense. In France, films must wait 36 months after appearing in theaters to then become available on VOD or other streaming outlets. Theater chains would certainly boycott Netflix films that would release movies in theaters and online simultaneously.



Kaitlin Parker