All of the Olympics will stream on Peacock. Will anybody watch?

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The Winter Olympics begin February 4 in Beijing, and viewers can see all the competitions on NBC’s streaming service Peacock. But with hardly any reporters on the ground and empty stadiums, will the games make for good television? Photo by Shutterstock.

The Winter Olympics begin in Beijing on February 4. For the first time, all of the competitions will be available to watch on Peacock, NBC’s streaming service. 

But Peacock is struggling to gain viewers, and parent company NBCUniversal recently lowered its TV ratings expectations for the upcoming Winter Games.

The Olympics also come with additional complications because the games are being held in China. Some big brands like Visa and Coca-Cola are not running ads during the Olympics because of China’s human rights abuses and the geopolitical situation. 

NBC is planning to cover some of those trickier issues in their reporting, but they aren’t sending nearly as many reporters to cover the Olympics in person this year.  

On a recent CNN appearance, former NBC sportscaster Bob Costas slammed the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for holding the games in places like China and Russia that do not have a good track record with human rights.  

“The IOC deserves all of the disdain and disgust that comes their way for going back to China yet again,” Costas said.



Kaitlin Parker