Cracking the Code to a Successful Sequel

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Jurassic World is now the third highest grossing movie of all time, so it's no shocker that Universal is doing a sequel -- for now it's called Jurassic World 2. The studio has even already set a release date in June of 2018. Jurassic World is itself one of the sequels in the Jurassic Park series -- a franchise that initially had diminishing returns and then sat dormant for many years. Now, they figured out how to revive it in a big way. Other franchises haven't been so lucky. The newest Terminator had all the elements to make it a hit -- big fights, special effects and Arnold Schwarzenegger himself -- but the audience just didn't turn out. Because these movies have such huge budgets, they really have to be colossal hits for studios to justify a franchise continuation.



Kaitlin Parker