Donald Trump and Fox News Do Battle over Debate Decision

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Presidential candidate Donald Trump continues to dominate the news cycle, and this time it's for his decision not to appear at a debate. Trump said that Fox anchor Megyn Kelly was biased against him, based on questions she asked him at a previous debate. In response, the head of Fox News Roger Ailes stood by Kelly, and issued a sassy press release that jokingly said that Putin and the Ayatollah planned to treat Trump unfairly should he become president. After that, Trump said he definitely would not participate in the debate and that Fox's ratings would suffer without him. Now there's a strange battle within Fox News -- Trump appeared on Bill O'Reilly's show blasting Megyn Kelly, which was then followed by Megyn Kelly's show. Within Republican supporters there's a divide as well -- various pundits are weighing in on whether people should stand by Trump or stand by Fox.



Kaitlin Parker