Fallout from 'The Lone Ranger' Flop

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This past weekend, Disney's The Lone Ranger, which reportedly cost $250 million to make and was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, directed by Gore Verbinski and stars Johnny Depp, flopped. It's being reported the studio could lose around $150 million on the film. Much has been made of who is to blame and what it means for the studio and for these three men who've had such success in the past with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Kim and John discuss all of the above and how this is one of those films that Steven Spielberg and George Lucas caution Hollywood away from making. Is this is the end of the long and fruitful partnership between Disney and Bruckheimer?

Among the coverage of The Lone Ranger's failure was a particularly entertaining spoof out of funnyordie.com, in which they imagine the emails between Disney executives who decide to greenlight the movie.



Kim Masters