Fortune Magazine Features In-Depth Report on Sony Hack

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In his six-month-long investigation on the Sony hack for Fortune magazine, Peter Elkind reveals new details about lax security, ignored advice, and additional infighting between studio executives. While Sony CEO Michael Lynton has said in interviews that the attack was "highly sophisticated," a cyber-security expert said the attack could have been carried out by "midlevel students." Elkind also found that Sony TV chief Steve Mosko felt like his bosses threw him under the bus with negative publicity, even though his division accounted for much of Sony's profits. The screenwriter of "The Interview," the movie that led to the hack, told Elkind that he had originally written his script about an assassination attempt on a fictional character, but a Sony exec suggested making the character Kim Jong Un.  The three-part series will be rolled out over the weekend. Part 1 is available here



Kaitlin Parker