The Golden Globes are under scrutiny again following an LA Times exposé

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Ahead of the Golden Globes, the LA Times published an investigation into questionable practices of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Photo by jdeeringdavis (CC BY 2.0).

The Golden Globes have long had the reputation of being the unserious awards ceremony where stars could let their hair down. A recent LA Times investigation into the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the nonprofit behind the Golden Globes, shows that the group may have engaged in unscrupulous practices like wooing journalists with high-priced foreign hotel stays and extravagant gifts. 

The Times’ exposé also found that the licensing fee paid to the group by NBC has skyrocketed in recent years as the Globes has become the third-most watched awards shows. This means that members of the HFPA have been receiving huge sums of money to serve on committees or do other various tasks. Last year members collected more than $2 million in payments, which could be an issue, given the HFPA’s nonprofit status. 

Film studios have no incentive to back away from the Golden Globes because campaigning and the actual event provides so much publicity. Plus it’s the first major televised awards show of the season and can be a predictor for the Oscars. 



Kaitlin Parker