Coronavirus and Hollywood: Disneyland closes, more movies pushed

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Disneyland. Photo credit: Pixabay.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak economic havoc on Hollywood. Disney was wary of closing parks in the U.S. because of the frightening message it would send. But the company announced today that Disneyland would indeed cease operations -- for the fourth time in the park’s history -- beginning March 14 and through the end of the month. 

Elsewhere in Hollywood, more movies continue to delay their release dates, including “A Quiet Place Part II,” which Paramount pushed indefinitely, and “Fast & Furious 9,” which Universal has delayed an entire year. Tens of millions of dollars have already been poured into marketing these movies, and studios depend on the money that comes in from big tent pole releases. With those numbers shifting, the massive delays could affect their books for years to come. 



Kaitlin Parker