NBC drops the Golden Globes for 2022 as HFPA remains engulfed in crisis

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NBC pulled the plug on the Golden Globes for 2022 following ongoing issues regarding lack of diversity and questionable financial practices at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Photo by Joe Seer/Shutterstock

NBC pulled the plug on the Golden Globes for 2022. The broadcast network announced it will not air the awards show next year following a February LA Times investigation into ethical lapses at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the voting body of the Golden Globes.

The HFPA has weathered accusations of corruption for years, but the allegations took on a new urgency this year, as it was revealed that the HFPA counts no Black members among its ranks.  

The group of foreign journalists brought in outside consultants to address its diversity issues, but those efforts imploded and the HPFA found itself facing pressure from publicists who didn’t want their clients being involved with the organization.  

Netflix issued a statement saying it would stop doing business with the HFPA altogether until major changes were made. At that point, NBC may have felt that hosting the 2022 Globes on its network was no longer worth the effort.  

There was also a financial aspect to consider as well. Ad revenue for awards shows has been dropping as viewers flee. NBC pays $60 million, split between the HFPA and Dick Clark Productions, for the rights to air the Globes, but only makes about $50 million in ad revenue from the show.



Kaitlin Parker