Netflix bragged about 'On My Block.' Now its stars want a raise.

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Netflix doesn't reveal ratings, but the streamer has started to release certain data points in dribs and drabs. One of those stats for 2018 was that the series 'On My Block' was one of it's "most-binged" shows. The stars of that series now want pay parity with another Netflix show, '13 Reasons Why.' The four central cast members of 'On My Block' were making $20,000 per episode for the first two seasons. They'd like a significant boost for season 3, much like the stars of '13 Reasons Why' got--some of them now make in the low six-figures per episode. It's standard for cast members to renegotiate as the seasons go on, but usually viewership numbers will play a role in those negotiations. With Netflix refusing to reveal those numbers, agents has to use whatever data is available, which in this case includes charts Netflix released showing which shows were the most heavily binged.



Kaitlin Parker