Oscar Weekend Approaches -- Finally!

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Oscar weekend is finally here, and The Revenant still looks to be in the top spot to win both Best Picture and Best Director, but that's by no means a lock. Since all three guilds voted for different winners, there's not the industry consensus around one movie as in years past. There's less ambiguity in the leading actor and actress categories, Leonardo DiCaprio for The Revenant and Brie Larson for Room are the favorites to win there. Analysts predict Sylvester Stallone is likely to take home the gold for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Creed, but don't count out Mark Rylance from Bridge of Spies, there may be more support for him in the Academy than has been previously reported. Alicia Vikander is the frontrunner for Best Supporting Actress, but she's previously lost out to Kate Winslet in that same category.




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