Oscars' Ratings Up; VFX Artists Snubbed

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John and Kim discuss how Oscars ratings were up -- most noticeably among the coveted younger demographic, but Seth MacFarlane's controversial performance as host was his first and last. He tweeted that he won't do it again. Meanwhile, one sector of the movie industry is experiencing an unconventional post-Oscars bump. The VFX community experienced as sort of three-pronged snub at the Oscars, but that snub has further galvanized a movement that was already underway before the event.

Outside of the Oscars on Sunday, nearly 500 visual effects artists and their families rallied to raise awareness of how runaway productions and aggressive underbidding between VFX houses is threatening their jobs. Meanwhile, the three snubs inside the ceremony were: first, when the Life of Pi VFX artists won the Oscar they were played off the stage just as lead VFX Supervisor Bill Westenhoffer was about to address the bankruptcy of his effects house Rhythm & Hues, then the cinematographer and director for Pi didn't thank the VFX artists when they won their Oscars.



Kim Masters