Protests Call for NBC to Dump Trump as 'SNL' Host

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CNBC saw their best ratings performance ever last night when 14 million people tuned in to watch the most recent GOP debate. A big part of the draw was Donald Trump, which is no doubt why NBC is happy to have him as a host for an upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live. But there are growing cries of protests for NBC to pull Trump from the November 7 broadcast because of statements he has made about Latino immigrants. Leading the charge is the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, which wrote a letter to NBC saying, "Allowing Trump to host SNL will legitimate and validate his anti-Latino comments," and asking the network to rescind their hosting invitation. Politicians like to be on SNL because it humanizes them and allows them access to the pop culture landscape. And with the ratings that come along with Trump, it seems unlikely that NBC will back down now. 



Kaitlin Parker