Scott Rudin steps away from Broadway and film projects, Hollywood slow to react

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Upcoming film projects from Scott Rudin include the Netflix film “Woman in the Window,” starring Amy Adams. Photo by Melinda Sue Gordon / Netflix

Scott Rudin is long known to be a bully in the industry, but after “The Hollywood Reporter” published on-the-record allegations, the prolific producer stepped back from his upcoming Broadway and film projects. It’s not clear what “stepping back” actually means. 

While Sutton Foster and Hugh Jackman, stars of the upcoming Broadway production of Rudin’s “Music Man,” took a stand against him, much of Hollywood has stayed mum. 

Several unions have put out statements about workplace bullying, including the Producers Guild of America, which has pledged to create a new task force addressing the issue.  

Kim Masters spoke to multiple executives who are hopeful for a Rudin return. The major film studios haven’t said anything about Rudin, though they are largely out of the business of making the kind of arthouse films Rudin is known for.  

Longtime Rubin collaborators Aaron Sorkin and Frances McDormand, who are both nominated for Oscars, have yet to publicly address the allegations about Rudin, or say whether or not they’ll continue to work with him.



Kaitlin Parker