Talent agencies respond to Trump

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Most people working in Hollywood are not fans of Trump. Now, some of the biggest talent agencies are starting to respond to his executive orders regarding vetting and immigration. UTA has declared they will forego their Oscars party and instead give $250,000 to the American Civil Liberties Union, as well as the International Rescue Committee. They will also hold a pro-immigration rally at their office, two days before the Oscars. One of UTA's biggest rivals, WME-IMG, has announced they will form a political action committee. The exact purpose of their PAC is still vague, but it will be something related to the company's pledge to promote diversity. WME-IMG's relationship with Trump is a complicated one. Ari Emanuel, one of the top people at the company, used to be Trump's agent and has visited him since he's been elected.



Kaitlin Parker