The hazards of making movies about real people

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Clint Eastwood's new movie 'Richard Jewell' screened for Academy members for the first time last night, and word is the film may shake up the awards race. But there's also already been backlash around the film's portrayal of a journalist who sleeps with an FBI source to get a tip. The real journalist on whom the character is based--they use her real name in the movie--is no longer alive to defend herself against the film's version of her. In the case of another film, 'The Banker,' which is being released by Apple, the film's premiere was cancelled because the son of the real life subject of the movie--who had previously been doing press for the film--is now being accused of sexual assault by his half-sisters. In the case of 'The Banker,' Apple acquired the movie after it had already been made--but the question is, how much vetting should go into the real life people with connections to a movie before you buy it?



Kaitlin Parker