Troubles on Aronofsky's Movie Noah

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In The Hollywood Reporter this week, Kim broke the story about how filmmaker Darren Aronofsky and Paramount—the studio behind his epic movie Noah—are battling over the film's final cut. In this episode of The Hollywood Breakdown Kim and John—who has read a version of the script for Noah—discuss the dilemma facing the auteur director and the studio. Not only is this story one that many in the faith community consider sacred but this movie was also hugely expensive—in part because of massive visual effects for the flood and the animals. It reportedly cost $125 million—way more than Aronofsky's movies Black Swan and The Wrestler. But the conflict has come when recent test screenings which were held for varying demographic groups—from Jews to Christians and general audiences—yielded mixed reviews. The price tag makes this a movie that needs to bring in a wide range of people to the theaters.



Kim Masters