Turnover in the TV Industry

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Bela Bajaria oversaw a roster of strong comedy shows produced at Universal television, including The Mindy Project, Master of None and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The problem is none of those shows aired on the NBC network. In this era of television, ownership is the name of the game, and for NBC, their two biggest dramas, after the Dick Wolf shows, are Blindspot and The Blacklist, neither of which are produced at Universal. Now, Bajaria is out, despite being a well-liked executive. Over at Sony television, long-time TV chief Steve Mosko departs after a long, successful run with shows like Breaking Bad and The Goldbergs. Emails from the 2014 Sony hack reveal that Mosko had long felt the TV division at Sony was not getting enough attention or credit, especially as the movie studio flailed.



Kaitlin Parker