TV's Pilot Season and 'The X Factor'

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Kim and John talk about how these days it's pilot season in Hollywood where anxiety runs high as networks put into production potential new shows many of which will not be picked up to series. One such show they discuss is the new Fox talent show from Simon Cowell, The X Factor. We hear a clip of an interview with Cowell which will run in its entirety on The Business, on Monday, March 28. He expresses concern that without diverse and talented contestants there is no show.  Auditions for The X Factor begin this Sunday, March 27, in Los Angeles at the L.A. Sports Arena. People as young as 12 and as old as 100 can audition, as can groups, but must obtain a wristband from the venue the day before.  Over the next two months they'll hold auditions in Miami, New Jersey, Chicago and Dallas.



Kim Masters