With New Leadership, MTV Hopes to Reinvent Itself...Again

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Long gone are the days when MTV played music videos. The cable network has been able to reinvent itself over the years, finding success with a spate of reality shows from The Real World to The Osbournes to Jersey Shore. But MTV, along with other Viacom networks, has struggled in recent years as more and more of their target audience has sought their entertainment via digital or streaming outlets. Now, a change of leadership at the tops shows MTV is still hoping to find a way to reach those young viewers. The new, just-named president Sean Atkins used to be executive VP of digital media strategy at Discovery. Another Viacom network, Comedy Central, has also seen a lot of transition this year with the departures of Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. Fortunately for them, Stewart's replacement, Trevor Noah, seems to be having a successful first week hosting The Daily Show, and they've still got Emmy-winning comedian Amy Schumer on contract for two more years.



Kaitlin Parker