How’s Your Sex Life?

How’s Your Sex Life?

Are your friends sick of hearing about your latest hookups and troublesome relationships? We’re not. KCRW is here to ask, How’s Your Sex Life? With non-judgmental, real advice from sexologist and certified dating coach, Myisha Battle. Submit your questions at

We’re friends with benefits, but I want more! How do I keep things romantic with my spouse? My partner isn’t as excited about butt play as I am, help!

Is there such a thing as too much masturbation? How can I talk to my partner about reigniting our intimacy? I’m in a sexless marriage, help!

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What dating app should I use? How do I talk to my partner about using sex toys together? Anna Lee, co-founder and CEO of Lioness, dishes advice and sex hacks.

I’m scared to date women my age! Is zodiac compatibility real? My partner isn’t into astrology like I am, are we a bad match? Astrologer Isa Nakazawa weighs in.

Can women initiate sex? I’m thinking of breaking my celibacy, but men scare me. How do I set boundaries with my parents about my sex life?

How can I get my husband to do foreplay? I’m tired of my wife turning me down for sex. Is squirting real? Sex educator Emily Nagoski answers your questions.

How do I get more comfortable with dirty talk? Why is ghosting a thing? I can only orgasm with a vibrator — am I alone? Comedian Heather Chelan gives advice.