Moments of Serenity: Tea

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Tea. Image by David Schwarzenberg from Pixabay

Let’s all…take a moment. 

First airing on KCRW in March of 2020, Moments of Serenity are sprinkled through KCRW’s broadcast hours with a simple purpose. 

Hosted by KCRW DJ and iconic voice of Los Angeles, Garth Trinidad, and written & produced by KCRW On-Air Promo Director Adria Kloke, the Moments are your snack-sized invitation to a serene space. 

Browse the Moments…and find serenity within. 

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KCRW Presents 24 Hours of Serenity


You've taken a moment, now take 24 hours.

We're not saying you're stressed out and need some relaxation…but we’re not not telling you that either 😉. So just in case…look what KCRW has in store for you: 24 hours dedicated to wellness and relaxation. And it’s FREE.

Join us on Sunday, April 18th for an all-day virtual festival of calm. Everything from guided meditation with Valerie June to kitten cams, art classes with Self Help Graphics to baguette shaping with Bub and Grandma’s, soothing sounds of dublab artists to comforting home haircuts with ProjectQ…along with many KCRW voices you love and so much more. Seriously, it’s 24 hours — check out the schedule.

This event will be free and open to the public, with just an RSVP required to attend. The Zoom link will stay the same for 24 hours so you can jump in and out of what interests you most throughout the day, like you would at a festival. Drop by for one segment or stay for the whole 24 hours!

We guarantee, this will be the chillest party you’ve ever been to. So breathe deep, hold it, and breathe out.

 WHERE: Anywhere you have WiFi

 WHEN: April 18 from 12:00 a.m. until midnight PDT

 COST: $0.00



Written & Produced By:
Adria Kloke