What trees teach us about community and collaboration

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Trees have their own hidden lives, and spending time among them can greatly benefit our health. Photo by Ana Ka'ahanui.

Trees and forests have long been a source of inspiration for art and poetry. The modern environmental movement says forests and trees are on the front lines of fighting climate change by absorbing CO2 and cooling the planet with their leafy canopies. But trees may be far more evolved than their passive exteriors would lead us to believe.  

We explore the healing power of trees and why a good forest bath might be the best way to de-stress your life. 

German forester and author Peter Wohlleben explains how trees have a sophisticated method of communication and collaboration, and even have memories. We also hear from naturalist and forest therapy guide Ana Ka’ahanui, who describes how slowing down and being still among the trees might be far more beneficial than taking a rigorous hike.



Andrea Brody