Winter Pledge Drive 2006

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A Vivid Taste

Hi. This is Nick Madigan. I'm one of the weekly commentators on KCRW, a station I began listening to, exclusively, after I moved to Los Angeles back in 1992. Every radio I had, in my car, in my living-room, even my alarm clock, was permanently anchored to 89.9 FM. Even after moving to Baltimore a few months ago, I still make a point of tuning into every so often to hear all the familiar voices, on current-affairs programs like To the Point and Which Way L.A.?, and great, original music shows like Morning Becomes Eclectic, Caf-- L.A. and Let's Get Lost.

I miss living in Los Angeles, but I still get a vivid taste of it by listening to KCRW over the Internet. And I get a kick out of the fact that although I live on the East Coast, my disembodied voice can still be heard in Southern California every Tuesday afternoon during All Things Considered, when I do a commentary called Minding the Media.

So, if you're as much of a fan of KCRW as I am, you'll help keep the station humming and healthy by calling 800-600-5279 and pledging your support.

If you don't, what on earth would you wake up to every day?



Nick Madigan