Opening the Curtain

Opening the Curtain

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At the beginning of Michael McKeever’s play at the Fountain Theatre, we are at the end of a dinner party.

Sometimes watching a play is like having a friend tell you a confusing story.

In the Geffen Playhouse’s latest production, you’re going to office hours at an elite university.

Children’s theatre is tricky business. It’s a bit like cooking for kids. The easy way out is all sugary sweets.

Inda Craig-Galván’s play “Black Super Hero Magic Mama” is a tricky one to wrap your mind around.

“Incognito” at the Son of Semele is a puzzle play.

Sarah De Lappe’s play “The Wolves” is having a bit of a moment.

If you’ve been patiently waiting for a play about roller derby, I have good news.