No New Toll Roads in Orange County?

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Over the past 25 years, South Orange County has seen dramatic growth due to the construction of toll roads--the 73, 241, 261, and 133, specifically. The Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA), the entity in charge of upkeep and construction, has long sought to connect the 241 to the 5 Freeway near San Clemente, a move long opposed by activists. Now, a proposed bill by Dana Point Assemblymember Bill Brough--a Republican--would ban the TCA from building any new bridges or extensions after 2020, or issue any further bonds for construction projects. Brough says the TCA acts more like a regional planner than a mere operator, and has raised housing prices because developers pay the agency $6,000 for any new house built. The TCA says the bill is government overreach, and a similar bill has died in the past in the California State Legislature. What will happen this time?



Benjamin Gottlieb