Second Opinion

Second Opinion

An examination of medical ethics and the practioners who define them.

Culture plays a huge role in how we manage our last living days.

While miscommunication is never good, in medicine it can lead to poorer medical outcomes and overall dissatisfaction.

40 million American provide some level of care to members of their family, and for most it isn’t easy.

Those supplements you’re taking and paying lots for – do they really provide any benefits?

The science behind a recent report is not credible due to financial conflicts of interests by the funder.  Why were these conflicts not detected by the medical journal?

Why can a society that is clever enough to create a drug to prevent the spread of HIV not find a why to make it affordable?

It's hard to tell if the unionization of the medical profession is good or bad for patient care.  But it seems to be a growing movement.

While politicians talk about change in health care, those on the front lines have not seen much change and it is effecting their lives.