Second Opinion

Second Opinion

An examination of medical ethics and the practioners who define them.

Off label prescribing as grown into an enormous problem, and it risks putting people’s health at risk.

Could it be that our subconscious biases lead us to make assumptions that are not based on the facts?

Doctors have a moral, ethical and legal duty to inform patients of their medical results.  But, do patients have a right to NOT be told crucial medical information?

Florence Nightingale is known as a champion of  nursing  but she did much more….

The long journey for Remdesivir starting with a deadly cat disease

Medical journalists need to slow down and do their homework before reporting on new research.  Covering medicine is not a race, but a slow evolving process.

In many of those countries stigma around the disease plays an important role.  Today we look at Tunisia and the role stigma plays in managing COVID.

Thinking about COVID-19 may different around the world