Second Opinion

Second Opinion

An examination of medical ethics and the practioners who define them.

While poverty is a potent driver of poor health care there are other factors such as access, the health care system, patients, culture, and health care providers.

In Tanzania poverty can have a devastating effect on health – particularly for women and children.  But, its not just Africa that has this problem….

It is time to improve communication to assure that patient’s end of life wishes are respected.

Conflicts of interests impact most medical specialties, most hospitals, and many product manufactures – the conflicts all impact our health.

Preliminary studies suggest that for at least some people high stress jobs can cause harm to DNA.

What we seem to have lost in our discussions on health care is bipartisan moral compass to tackle some wicked problems.

Why can’t we be as committed to providing all evidence-based health care to Americans as we are to caring for those with end stage renal disease?

Do we want health professionals to dress similarly, just as flight attendants, or should attire be an individual choice?