Second Opinion

Second Opinion

An examination of medical ethics and the practioners who define them.

When people feel sick from minor illnesses, an ambulance and a trip to the ED is not in their best interest nor is it in the best interest of the public.

Know how much a medical service costs could be important in making medical decisions.  But, new regulations that require this information be provided to the public have created…

When sick and needing surgery do patients want to make decisions themselves or have an expert make the decision?

Improved work-life balance is an important goal, but do workplace wellness programs help us live healthier more balanced lives?

Long grueling work hours and pharmaceutical gifts are still part of medical training.

Medical decisions are complex and we often rely on our values and preferences rather than exclusively on the science.

By messing with the largest and one of the highest functioning health care systems in the nation we are putting our vet’s health at risk.

Woman’s bodies have long been proxy for politician’s power and control – often under the guise of “morality”.