Second Opinion

Second Opinion

An examination of medical ethics and the practioners who define them.

This decision to leave the WHO is among the most irresponsible the president has made and will negatively impact not only American lives but people in every corner of the world.

Extreme Risk Protection Orders are a relatively new step that can be taken to protect the public from those who are felt to be of risk to themselves or others.

For some elderly taking several blood pressure medications can be risky.  Do they need to take multiple medicines?  Doctor have been hesitant to stop blood pressure medications because…

Practice guidelines use evidence to help doctors and patients make decisions about care. But, if the guidelines are biased so too are the decisions.

Why do we listen to expert medical groups when they have conflicts of interests that involve pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers?

With regard to racism, medicine is part of the problem and needs to quickly become part of the solution.

Off label prescribing as grown into an enormous problem, and it risks putting people’s health at risk.

Could it be that our subconscious biases lead us to make assumptions that are not based on the facts?