Second Opinion

Second Opinion

An examination of medical ethics and the practioners who define them.

Full disclosure of hospital charges and POOMS (patient oriented outcomes that matter to us) will help drive the system toward higher quality care and lower costs.

Sometime simple solutions can have huge benefits.  A group of nurses found putting some money where the mouth is can save lives and reduce costs.  The cost?  $1.35.

Is the spread of global disease the new normal?

First SARS, then MERS, and now N-Corona suggest we have a new normal.

There are many social determinants that greatly impact health, but one that takes place within the health care system is implicit bias.

N atural gas isn’t as healthy as producers maintain, and it’s health impacts aren’t just on humans.

Health care costs continue to rise, and much of this is due to unnecessary tests and procedures that do not improve length or quality of life.  One area that is rarely discussed are…

Americans spend twice what other developed nations spend on health care and we certainly are not any healthier because of that spending