Second Opinion

Second Opinion

An examination of medical ethics and the practioners who define them.

Why is that results from drug research studies are so much rosier than the experience using those same drugs in the real world?

Long acting reversible contraceptive (LARC’s) are under-used and often too expensive for many women – but this significantly restricts a woman’s contraceptive autonomy.

There as been lots of controversy on the health impact of eating eggs but some recent good studies suggest we may finally be reaching consensus.

Sex workers often experience stigma both related to their occupation as well as to mental health issues they may face.

While it often seems better to do something, there are times when it may be better to do nothing – such as taking Vitamin D or Homeopathic medicines.

Sometimes it seems that we risk being overwhelmed by all that is thrown at us.

Next time you are being prescribed a drug or offered a procedure, ask the doctor, “what does research suggest is the likely benefit I can expect from this intervention”?

Each year the Lown Institute calls for nominations from health care experts, journalists and others.