Fighting Cancer

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Cancer technologist and CTO of Miroculus, Jorge Soto, talks about creating a simple, fast and cheap method for early cancer detection. Giving away something that could make you a billion dollars sounds foolish, but Dr. Jay Bradner belives it's essential to share even the most prized scientific discoveries if we hope to find a cure for cancer. Dr. David Agus asserts that current research is too narrowly focused on the specifics of cancer. Instead, he thinks broader, more interdisciplinary methods are needed to control and treat the disease. Dr. Dean Ornish, who's studied how lifestyle changes could help people with chronic heart disease, wanted to figure out if there was a way to do the same with patients with some types of cancer. An ordained minister and a writer, breast cancer survivor Debra Jarvis explains how clinging to the identity of "survivor" sometimes stifles personal growth.

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