Pursuit of Happiness

Being happy is a universal human yearning, but this simple goal often eludes us. If we're truly able to attain happiness, then how do we find it? Three TED speakers offer some big ideas for achieving happiness.

Psychologist Barry Schwartz takes aim at a central tenet of western societies: freedom of choice. He says choice has paralyzed rather than freed us, leaving us dissatisfied instead of happy.

We're taught to avoid doing things we'll regret for the rest of our lives, but why? Kathryn Schulz, author of Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error, makes the case for cherishing our worst choices — like her tattoo.

Tipping Point author Malcolm Gladwell gets inside the food industry's pursuit of the perfect spaghetti sauce — and makes a larger argument about the nature of choice and happiness.

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Banner image: Kudryashka/Shutterstock