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5 Days of War chronicles the 2008 conflict between Russia and the Republic of Georgia. Largely funded by Georgian money guys, director Renny Harlin says, it "may be the only movie in history financed by a gold mine."  The film was shot entirely on location in Georgia with tremendous cooperation from its government and military. They even shot scenes in the Georgian President's office with the military providing tanks, fighter jets and soldiers for the battle scenes. Plus, Harlin talks candidly about Cutthroat Island, the pirate move he made with his then-wife, Geena Davis.  It cost reportedly $98 million but only made $10 million and has been a blotch on his career ever since.

Today's Banter Topics:
- Eddie Murphy to host the Oscars
- Telluride and Toronto film festivals premiere future Awards contenders
- Controversial film Shame with Michael Fassbender's sex addicted character for sale
- TV Fall Season afoot and the NFL New Monday Night Football deal with ESPN


Banner image: Director Renny Harlin directs Johnathon Schaech in Anchor Bay Films’ 5 Days of War. Photo Credit: Nakanimamasakhlisi, Property of Anchor Bay Films



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