Actress Kate del Castillo, Marketing 'Marwencol'

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Kate del Castillo, the star of the Telemundo hit La Reina del Sur was a huge telenovela star in her native Mexico before moving to Los Angeles eight years ago. But once in Hollywood she was faced with a different and baffling business. She recounts her experiences of culture shock and her despair at going to hundreds of auditions -- something she never had to do in Mexico -- and the irony of having her biggest role be on a Spanish language show whose ratings rival and sometimes beat those of the major broadcast networks. Then, Jeff Malmberg and Chris Shellen, the filmmakers behind the much loved but little seen documentary Marwencol, won a $50,000 grant from Film Independent to "find its audience."  Now with the help of people like Sue Kroll, head of worldwide marketing for Warner Bros, they're looking at ways to get Marwencol in front of audiences who will appreciate it.

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Banner image: Kate del Castillo, star of Telemundo's La Reina del Sur



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