A strange year for Oscars, a replay of ‘Crip Camp’

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The Netflix film “Crip Camp” is Oscar-nominated for Best Documentary Feature. Photo courtesy of Netflix

Awards columnist Scott Feinberg explains why this is such a strange year for the Oscars, and how the event’s producers are attempting to keep the glitz and glamour for this year’s ceremony. 

Then the Business replays a conversation with directors Nicole Newnham and Jim LeBrecht about their now Oscar-nominated documentary “Crip Camp.”

In 1971, when LeBrecht was 15, he had a summer of love at a camp for disabled kids. It was a place that fostered history-changing activism. He shared his memories with his friend, filmmaker Nicole Newnham, and they agreed that this could make a good movie. They didn’t anticipate that Barack and Michelle Obama would think so too. They tell us about making “Crip Camp” for Netflix and partnering with the Obamas’ production company.



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