Theatrical release delays: ‘Terminator: Dark Fate,’ ‘Sonic,’ ‘The Hunt’

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Director Tim Miller on the set of 'Terminator: Dark Fate.' Photo credit: Kerry Brown. Damon Lindelof at KCRW. Photo credit: Andrew Weilert.

We talk about high-profile movies that had their theatrical releases delayed for months.

Filmmaker Tim Miller came on The Business last year to do a postmortem on “Terminator: Dark Fate,” which was supposed to hit theaters in July 2019, but got pushed to November 2019. Miller also executive produced “Sonic the Hedgehog,” which underwent major surgery after video game fans criticized the character’s appearance in the trailer. Miller tells us about the blowback.

Then we revisit a conversation with Damon Lindelof, co-writer of the upcoming movie “The Hunt.” Last August, following a spate of mass shootings, The Hollywood Reporter wrote about ESPN pulling an ad for the violent satire, in which elites hunt so-called “deplorables” for sport. Fox News then went after the film, and Universal canceled its theatrical release. Lindelof talked to us last fall about his HBO series “Watchmen,” but we asked him about “The Hunt” as well. 

Now “The Hunt” is back on. It hits theaters on March 13. 



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