Daveed Diggs on ‘Blindspotting’ and creative ventures after ‘Hamilton’

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Daveed Diggs stars in “Hamilton” on Disney+. A film version of the Broadway hit premiered on the streaming service in 2020. Photo courtesy of Disney+.

Multi-hyphenate Daveed Diggs has a lot going on, including writing and producing  Starz’s “Blindspotting” and playing the lead in TNT’s “Snowpiercer.” The broadway hit “Hamilton” launched his career, but at this point, he’s moved beyond the version of himself that won a Tony and a Grammy.

“That Daveed Diggs that everybody fell in love with in that show does not exist anywhere but on that stage,” he says.

Technically he also exists on the audio recording and the film version. That performance, which aired on Disney+ last year, could land Diggs an Emmy nomination. 

Diggs tells KCRW about his post-“Hamilton” self and why he and co-creator Rafael Casal originally had no interest in turning their movie “Blindspotting” into a TV show. He also talks about tackling the role of Sebastian the crab, who he’s voicing in the upcoming version of “The Little Mermaid.”



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