Journalist and ‘Sasquatch’ producer David Holthouse devotes his life to unmasking monsters

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Investigative reporter David Holthouse in “Sasquatch.” In the documentary series, Holthouse is on a quest for answers related to a possible triple homicide in 1993. Photo courtesy of Hulu.

Investigative reporter and documentary producer David Holthouse was sexually assaulted as a child, which led him to a career unmasking the monsters among us. 

For his latest project, Holthouse explored a possible 1993 triple homicide on a cannabis farm in Northern California, where he worked in his early 20s. Some rumors held that the killer was a literal monster who prowled the forests of the so-called Emerald Triangle.

That investigation plays out in the documentary series “Sasquatch,” which premiered on Hulu in April.  

Holthouse talks about obsessively planning to murder the man who assaulted him as a child, and explains how a one-off appearance in a student documentary about cockfighting led to his career in nonfiction films.



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