Director Tom Shadyac's Revelation; Selling Films in Berlin

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Tom Shadyac, the director behind movies like Ace Ventura, Bruce Almighty and The Nutty Professor, has made the new documentary I Am. It's a spiritual journey in which he reevaluates his career and life while talking with great minds about big social problems. He's stopped flying privately and has moved from a 17,000 square foot compound in Pasadena to a pre-fab home in a Malibu trailer park. He's still interested in making studio films -- he self-financed this documentary -- but would like to reach an agreement with the studio to set up a "profit holder" or "foundation" that could benefit a worthy cause. He tells Kim that there are those in the business that think he's "nuts," but that some, like his longtime agent and lawyer are coming around to understand him.  Then Stuart Ford, CEO of I.M. Global, a film sales and distribution company, gives us his take on the state of the international film market as he saw it in Berlin during the European Film Market.

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Banner image: Tom Shadyac (R) on the set of Evan Almighty with Steve Carell (C) and Morgan Freeman (L). Photo: Shady Acres Entertainment



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