Hollywood news banter: Warners wants to hold onto J.J. Abrams. A lot.

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  • After the Disney/Fox deal officially closed, the town was shocked to learn of the shuttering of Fox 2000. Where will Elizabeth Gabler end up next?
  • WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey may not have wanted to fire Kevin Tsujihara, but after Bad Robot co-CEO Katie McGrath told Stankey keeping Tsujihara there was a “values issue,” the former Warner Bros CEO had to go. J.J. Abrams and his company Bad Robot are currently in play, and WarnerMedia would very much like to keep him at Warner Bros. 
  • WGA members are currently voting on a code of conduct that would require them to fire their agents if the agencies don’t comply with new rules regarding packaging and self production. The code is expected to pass, so what happens then?




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