Encore: ‘Marcel the Shell’ creators bring beloved tiny creature to the big screen

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Dean Fleischer-Camp, Lesley Stahl, Caroline Kaplan, and Jenny Slate attend New York Special Screening of “Marcel the Shell With Shoes On” in New York City. Photo by MarionCurtis/Starpix/INSTARimages/Cover Images/REUTERS.

This week, The Business revists a conversation with the creators of “Marcel the Shell With Shoes On.”

After almost an eight-year hiatus, actor Jenny Slate and director Dean Fleischer-Camp are bringing their lovable Marcel the Shell back to life. This time audiences will see the seashell with two pink shoes and one plastic eye, who babbles insightful and funny life-observations, in the stop-motion, feature-length mockumentary, “Marcel the Shell With Shoes On.”

The online shorts were a smash-hit at the time, so for Fleischer-Camp it was important for the film to maintain Marcel’s original online integrity. That is why, he explains, “it took a while for us to find the right partners to do that, in a way that was really holistic to what we had made and what and how we like to work.”   

And because Fleischer-Camp invented much of the filmmaking process, Slate remarks that they wanted to take that to the film production, “so we took the risk to try to create that [environment] for ourselves.” 

The duo now share the story behind how “Marcel the Shell” was created, and their trajectory of taking this tiny character from being a YouTube sensation to an Academy Award nominated feature film. 

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