ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’ chronicles Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls

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“The Last Dance” follows the Chicago Bulls as they seek their sixth NBA championship in eight years. Photo credit: ESPN

ESPN’s Michael Jordan docuseries "The Last Dance" has wrapped. The series has drawn record-breaking ratings and given ESPN something to celebrate in a world without live sports. 

Hayes Permar — a radio host and a sports fanatic, and an old friend of Kim Masters — speaks with director Jason Hehir. 

Permar asks Hehir whether Jordan finally released never-before-seen footage for the series to position himself above LeBron James as the greatest of all time. Hehir insists that's not the reason.  

Hehir tells Permar about sitting with the inscrutable Michael Jordan for hours and  hustling to get episodes done months earlier than planned because of the pandemic. 



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