Kieran Culkin on why his edgy ‘Succession’ persona sometimes follows him off-screen

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Kieran Culkin stars as the snarky Roman Roy in HBO’s “Succession.” Photo by Macall B. Polay/HBO

Kieran Culkin has found a defining role playing Roman Roy, the snarkiest of the siblings on HBO’s “Succession.” Now in its third season, the show and his performance have won acclaim, though Culkin hasn’t exactly Googled to find out just how much. 

“I have no presence on the internet, so I don’t really know what the reaction is,” Culkin says. “I can tell you that the fact that I was asked to host ‘Saturday Night Live’ is a pretty good indicator that I guess people are watching the show.”

Culkin tells KCRW about acting from an early age, facing his fears while fulfilling a dream as host of “Saturday Night Live,” and how he sometimes finds it hard to turn off that very snarky Roman Roy persona.



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